Your nano coating benefits

  • hydrophobic, long-lasting & durable protective layer for surfaces
  • significantly simplified purification without harsh cleaners – the "easy-to-clean" effect
  • time and cost saving over many years using nanotech
  • environmentally-friendly products – for people and nature
  • best service as well as competent advice and execution by experts

Nano coating application areas

Hydrophobic nano coatings create protective layers on almost every surface. Other nano materials have diverse applications: whether optical (photonic crystals), electronics (reduced oxide thickness in field effect transistors), instrumentation (atomic force microscopy, photon correlation spectroscopy), or medical technology (implants) – the possible spectrum is infinitely large and is sometimes still done in the field of basic research.
But even in everyday life you can find nanotechnologies. In addition to the areas for external use on the human skin (sun cream) and as a component of automotive or facade paints, textiles are sometimes optimized with nano particles. Also glass, ceramic, polymer or paint can be enhanched using nanotech coating products.
The nano coatings we use are semipermeable, which means on the one hand that they are breathable and allow oxygen molecules to pass through, on the other hand they are resistant to water or oil, since the molecules are too large – generally called hydrophobic surfaces. An essential component for the creation of this new surface properties is silicon dioxide (also: silica), which means sand or quartz. Mineral or quartz glasses are the best known examples from everyday life, but also in cosmetics or the food industry silicon dioxide is a familiar part for years.

Nano coating application areas

Depending on the application field there are always individual benefits resulting from the nanotechnology. A brief overview:

On glass as well as on ceramic or glazed ceramics contamination can be removed more easily by the use of coating products. In many cases it is possible to generally reduce the cleaning effort, since, for example, lime deposits are reduced. The so-called lotus effect is observed especially in that case. In addition, harmful cleaners that also burden the environment are minimized or omitted.

Through a nano coating facades remain fresh and offer less breeding gound for moss and algae. Linked to this is also the effect that particularly bright facades in the bottom area often leave unsightly house wall splashes of earth or grass – which is thus history. In addition: for objects potentially endangered or high-valued there is the possibility to protect it's facade better against graffiti.
Even wood can be treated with such impregnation resistant to weathering. It is crucial that it's natural wood and the coating still can accumulate in the timber. Both on the surface and in the underlying structures, a quartz lattice is formed. Thus, for example, your terrace or your garden shed is perfectly protected against environmental influences.

For the paint of your car there are also benefits with a nano coating comparing to commercial available waxes; especially the longer durability. In addition, the windscreen and side windows can be treated witha glass coating, which gives you more security in the rain by round clear view.

So nanotechnology is able to achieve great in many areas, although "nano" is such a small term. Subsequently applied nano coatings are a controversial issue. We therefore wish to provide comprehensive information for your sensible decision.
For orientation we put together some prices for you.


Nanotechnology in daily use

With our selected hydrophobic nanoquartz coating products "Made in Germany" we protect your surfaces against damaging environmental influences or vandalism by graffiti. Linked to this is the significantly simplified cleaning and reduced consumption of detergents, giving you a long-term cost advantage.
Especially with capital goods it is worthwhile to set up a focus on value preservation. We offer you the possibility to prolong the enjoyment of the things that are essential for you by applying a protective layer and redefine the concept of sustainability for you. A nano coating may change your life. Get to know us!

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