Variety of nanotechnology

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Solaranlage Beschichtung
windows, shower cubicles, greenhouses, winter gardens,
shop windows, windscreens and side windows, solar collectors
For example:

• shower cubicle, cleaned, coated on both sides: from 89,- EUR
• windows/solar collectors/winter gardens, cleaned: from 7,95 EUR/m2
bathroom fittings, diverse housings, machines,
motor vehicles, bikes
For example:

• car, middle class, cleaned, incl. paint preparation: from 379,- EUR
• car wheels 17", cleaned, incl. preparation: from 29,95 EUR/pc

glazed tiles, washbasins, toilets
For example:

• glazed tiles, cleaned: from 9,95 EUR/m2
Nanoversiegelung Kunststoff
mobiles, diverse housings, attaching parts on cars
For example:

• mobile, cleaned: 9,95 EUR flat

Naturstein Terrasse
dressed stone tiles, paving and terrace slabs,
stone or concrete floors
For example:

• terrace slabs, cleaned: from 6,49 EUR/m2
plaster, string facades, brick facades,
wood, stucco
For example:

• plaster, cleaned, without scaffold: from 6,95 EUR/m2