Ceramic surfaces

A cleaner bathroom

As before, in modern bathrooms ceramic or glass-ceramic is the method of choice when it comes to deliberately set accents and to specify the style. Ceramic surfaces are found both as sinks, toilets or bidets and, in extensive use, on the wall or on the floor. Especially on white ceramics, calcifications are often identify if only the use of harsh detergents to remove is eligible.

The compatibility of such products may be given within the legal limits, but if a chemical exposure is preventable, you should do it well. It may therefore be helpful and hygienic to treat sinks or toilets with a nano coating. Residues adhere no longer so easy in the microscopic pores of the ceramic and the bathroom just looks clean and well maintained – and at reduced cleaning effort.

The matters reported are also applicable to glazed tiles. Even if the tiles are installed on the wall, it often comes to calcifications in the shower area and to an unsightly gray veil on the tile. We do not want to leave you alone with the use of our nanoquartz products and therefore offer our service in domestic bathrooms.

Hotel, catering and industry

But not only in the private sphere, but also in the hotel sector or in the catering industry, the cleanliness and hygiene of sanitary facilities is of a crucial importance. Nothing is worse when clients did a good bed or a delicious dish in the hotel or the restaurant, but a bad review because of poorer bathroom area – perhaps even unfounded because only fixed on the optics. In this respect any good host should be keen for a one time greater expenses to reduce subsequent costs and spend his guests and his house an added value.
Medium-sized business owners or bigger companies can do something good to their employees in the provided showers and changing rooms by the application of a nano sealing. The employees recognize the appreciation of their work and feel much more comfortable in clean rooms. Thus, they are more motivated in all activities and the positive reputation of the company in the region is strengthened. Due to the reduced cleaning effort there is and a long-term cost advantage.