Mineral glass and polymer glass

Window cleaning made easy

The window cleaning is a chore for everyone. Would not it be nice if you could simplify or even make it completely superfluous? No matter what size your windows have – a nano coating is for large glass facades or conservatories an optimal upgrading.

Or think of your store: shop windows often get dirty quickly from dust and fumes in the city. With the nano sealing by nanoquartz these unsightly deposits adhere much less on the shop window – and the rain does the rest. Your customers and you will notice the difference.

How solar systems remain efficient

The proliferation of solar installations, in particular photovoltaic systems, provides homeowners and commercial operators with new challenges. The expensive systems must provide for a defined period a calculated performance, so that they pay for themselves as desired. The cleaning of photovoltaic systems for maintaining the performance can – depending on the location of the installation – be complicated and costly. So the expected profit is diminished.

A nano coating provides security for many years and protects the solar panels against deposits, mosses and atmospheric dust. Even bird droppings don't affect the solar system no longer, it cleans itself through the rain. Thus, you have the certainty to have always taken care of the maximum possible luminous efficiency through the photocells.

Shower enclosures and car windows

In the commercial as well as in the private sector, the deposition of lime in bathrooms is a big issue, especially on shower cubicles or shower enclosures. The often expensive glass elements quickly become blind and unsightly. The nanoquartz nano sealant provides the solution for this: lime deposits have much less opportunity to adhere to the glass – and if you notice minimal residue, these can be removed very easily. You wont need aggressive cleaning agents, only water: your contribution to environmental protection.
Of course, car windows can be treated with a nano sealant to provided a proper perspective. When it rains, the water runs off outstanding and you need the wiper less. Also after a highway driving insects may be removed much more easily from the windshield. The side windows will stay longer free of dirt by spray water and have to be cleaned much less – and then only with water and a sponge.