Painted or chromated elements

Paint care in a special way

The fascination of the automobile is as strong as ever for many people. In the large market of the vehicle and paint care, different technologies and approaches have been established. The car paint, but also aluminum wheels or chrome rims, are now usually treated with wax paint polish and subsequent lacquer finish. This technique still has its place, but also its limitations. These are mainly in the durability of the sealant, as wax – as commonly known – for example, wears under mechanical stress in car washes. Yet, even the often praised manual hand wash with a sponge leads to the removal of this protective layer.
Nanotechnology holds for this weakness a definite answer ready: nano particles protect the surface permanently. And because our nanoquartz products work completely without silicones, an aging of the coating is observed in 5 – 10 years, whereas conventional systems after 3 – 4 months have a significant reduction of the protective effect. Thus the case is clear: for the avid car fan who wants to protect the paint and thus contribute to maintaining the value of the vehicle over a long period of time, the nanocoating is the drug of choice par excellence.

Clean chrome fittings easier

Also on bathroom fittings – chromated in many cases – or fittings in the kitchen the joy of new product is often short-lived. Lime deposits have formed within short time, which are often only can be removed with special cleaners. These cleaners often contain acidic substances, because they attack and dissolve the lime must. This is not suitable for the skin and can irritate it. The environment is burdened by any sort of chemical cleaners. A nano coating can help from the beginning to ensure pleasure and long joy on the acquired product.
Water runs off easily and so calcifications have no chance. At critical points, for example, when the water is on the horizontal and evaporates, the lime is still deposited, since it is not transferred into the air. The removal of these residues is much easier than without a previous nanosealing. It only needs water and the time required for cleaning is halfed. A definite plus so for your household, your family and for you.

Various other objects and housing are painted. Both machine with certain types of paint and also on bicycles a nano coating can be useful.

Depending on the present conditions in each case, however, a pre-check is essential. So we make sure that you do not spend absurd money and then be disappointed about the effect. We are trying to achieve the best possible result for you and to examine the usefulness beforehand.