Nano coating for plastics

Mobile nano coating

Even mobile phones can be upgraded with coating of nano-particles. On the display surface fat adhere less and can be removed easily with a damp cloth. The quartz properties of the coating itself also gives an improved protection from scratches. The Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Huawei plans the use of nano-coatings on its high-class devices in series production. For this purpose a cooperation agreement with the English company P2i was closed.
This application is also useful in our view, because the new device comes as possible as protected against splashing and contamination to the customers.
But also subsequently it is possible to apply a nano sealant on the display, which brings a significantly improved operation control and purification. Experience has shown, however, it is advisable to let the curing completely come to an end, so that interlacing can develop optimally. What means: about 24 hours without phone – perfect for a weekend.

Optimize plastic surfaces

Plastics or polymers are an indispensable part of life. We encounter them more than any other material in everyday life and they already have optimized material properties. The steadily progressive development in the field of plastics has the result that nano-coatings are only used sensible in certain cases. As we don't want to let you alone with this issue, please contact us for an advisory consultation. Nothing is worse if an expected effect and promised added value is not set. We want to prevent this.
Attachment parts, for example on cars, tractors and agricultural machinery can get value-enhancing properties by a non-stick coating. Just where the whole system is based on biodegradable products, avoidance of chemical substances as much as possible it is a significant gain – for humans and animals.
Or various spectacles with plastic lenses can also be coated well and safely. The less dirt and the essential easier cleaning let you don't lose your sight.