Stone and concrete surfaces

Natural stone tiles in the bathroom

In modern designed bathrooms, a trend is clearly spelled out: the use of natural stone tiles. They seem significantly "warmer" and create in an otherwise sterile room a homely atmosphere. Also tiles with wood imitation come to ue here and there to selectively set a style focus. But natural stone tiles with their relatively rough surfaces also have a major drawback: they soil significantly faster than their glazed counterparts. Lime accumulates in the open-pored rock and leaves a gray veil back or white spots on the tiles.
The cleaning of such calcification is tedious and time consuming and in most cases only possible with special cleaners that don't attack the stone not too much. Nano coatings offer you the unique advantage that lime deposits do not accumulate so quickly and when, are easy to remove. The cleaning time is approximately halved and reduces the cost of cleaning agent. The tile stays fresh much longer and your bathroom will delight you every day.

Protect terraces optimally

Summertime is garden time! Paving stones featuring in the home garden paths, protect fresh greens and serve as a design element of a tidy and respectable garden. Unfortunately, they themselves pollute often too fast and are infested with algae and moss. Especially bad it is often in shady places that invite you in the summertime. The risk that you can then slip through carelessness or beginning rain on the algae and mosses is always present. In addition, the cleaning – to avert the danger – often feasible only with great expenditure of time and requires the intensive use of high-pressure cleaners or brushes for mechanical removal.

Do not make it so hard! A every 5 – 10 years renewed sealing of the paving stones or paving slabs will the meantime become a joy. Cleaning is much easier and grass and soil can be easily removed – or you wait for the next rain, then it does the job. The nanoquartz nano coatings consisting of the natural material silica which makes them well protected against abrasion and even increase the naturally given resistivity of your flagstones.

Coating for floors

Of course, all kind of plates or tiles that are laid out on the terrace, can be treated with a nano coating. Especially open porous stone absorps after a small mishap – the good red wine! – the liquid quickly and can be cleaned only with difficulty or even not at all. Your patio slabs also bear the "burden" of you and your garden furniture. This means a gradual erosion over the years, a process that can be extended significantly through the appropriate use of a nano coating. Today everything new costs money. Protect it by a small amount in comparison and have more pleasure.
In principle, all stone floors, concrete floors or granite can be treated with a coating. That means in the beer garden it is just as conceivable as in the driveway or in the assembly hall. Logically, it is necessary to clarify beforehand what are your personally advantages and results. It is important to us that you are really able to fully exploit the positive effects described – so we do not want to leave you alone and will be happy to advise you. Or get to know us in action: for you. We bring nanotechnology to your home or in your company. Learn more about this and convince yourself of our services.