Nano coatings at a glance

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Nanotechnology terms

For the products used by us, in the course of the last years several concepts have emerged. They describe different technical backgrounds with partly the same words. For example: nano effect, roll-off effect, nano coating and, particularly in the German-speaking world, the lotus effect.
There are various chemical approaches to produce these effects. The products on the market most represented work on silicone, so they are basically easy to use and give good short-term effects. But these products have some significant drawbacks:

• no lasting abrasion or attrition resistance of the coating on the surface - keyword: durability

• no resistance to UV radiation (sunlight)

• limited resistance to surfactant cleaners

Differences to polymer coatings

To eliminate these drawbacks, the products used by us have a special composition that differs fundamentally from chemical conceptually: the basis is either pure water or ethanol as a solvent. Therein are active components, such as silica, enriched to varying degrees. On top of that all raw materials used are found in nature, thus, they are completely environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Optimized results

• lasting mechanical resistance of the coating

• resistance to UV radiation

• food authenticity

• entirely safe for people with allergies or other sensitive individuals

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Developments in nanotechnology

In relatively new market of nanotechnologies already various products have been established. For the end user, this means a very confusing range of products, all named similar and perhaps are different. A fact: nano coating or nano sealant is not always the same nanotechnology, as one might think. Rather, completely different approaches – depending on the application – have emerged. But even if it is often written, each product is not automatically suitable for each application.

We would therefore like to inform you further: get to know what differences exist between the products, how our nanoquartz products work and convince yourself of the resulting benefits.