Convince yourself of our services.

From concept, through quotation to the implementation of nanocoating, we offer a wide range.

Define common objectives

Previously, services surrounding nanotechnology are not widespread in Europe. This applies in particular to the field of services related to real estate. While mainly around the car several companies are already active, the various applications in and on houses and factories remained rather unnoticed. We invite you to discover this area as a platform for innovative nano technologies.
Before a service can be rendered properly and professionally, the conditions between the ordering parties must be discussed. We rely here on an open communication, the basis for a trusting relationship.
For this it is important to analyze the specific project together. Based on this conversation, which can be done both by telephone or on site, we first create a rough estimate of the expected costs. This point, we pay special attention, because you will measure your expectations at the nanocoating also on the prices. You might be surprised about that conscious determination, but we would thus once again express our sincere concern: more easier work and more pleasure for you over the next few years – at a fair price. Have a look at applications to get a first orientation.

Our approach in the overview

Analyze and plan

Since we want to select the right products it is important that we first determine the specific application together with you. It helps us as you could allow that we get to know your running processes therefore.

Afterwards we will speak about the expenditures incurred and provide you our non-binding offer as basis for your safe decision. Especially regarding the timing we will respect your individual needs.

Preparation of surfaces

Without a specific pre-cleaning it is unfortunately not possible to guarantee that the coating remains permanently on the surfaces. We use products that are perfectly matched to our requirements and that achieve the best possible results for you.

It is the precondition for a sustainable upgrading of your surfaces in the final step. Thus, we pay special attention on this point.

Application of products

When all preparations are made, the coating of the surfaces can be started. Depending on the surface structure and the object itself the best matching coating composition is chosen and applied accordingly.

After a short time the nano effect can be observed, water or oil are repelled from the surface. At room temperature, the coating is cured completely after about 24 h and resistant against abrasion.

Nano coatings can not be applied in any weather and in any season. Therefore, it is advisable to decide jointly on a suitable date for the implementation of the service in advance. Temperatures should not fall below 5°C, it should also not rain. If the coating is applied once, the interlacing starts after a short time – then also the resistance to water is given. As a rough value 15 minutes can be accepted, then the roll-off effect can be observed.
Even when applying the nanoproducts, there are some things to consider. The previously conducted cleaning work must be completed. This also means that alcoholic precleaner – in case it is used – must have volatilized. When applying the nanosealing, one principle applies: less is more! Especially on smooth surfaces, such as windows or tiles, there is usually an excess of coating and a veil or streaks remain. This must be polished, which means removed, which does not make sense. Therefore it is said to proceed cautiously from the beginning.

Application areas in focus

Especially in real estate, a sealing of the facade is just perfect. The areas are often difficult to reach and therefore, in the course of a restoration, a nanocoating can be applied at the same time. The result can be described as self-cleaning facade, because the rain washes down the impurities from the atmosphere. Your property retains its gloss and therefore its value. The protective layer is durable for many years – an investment that pays off.
Especially in sanitary area, in kitchens or garden we want to highlight the facilitated cleaning: the "easy-to-clean"-effect. The fact that substances no longer remain adhere so well, simplifies cleaning considerably. The cleaning time is approximately halved, resulting in a significant cost saving, especially in hotels and restaurants. But also in the domestic bathroom or in the garden, you can create more leisure time.

Use less or no longer aggressive cleaners. Protect yourself, your family or your employees and the environment. Groundwater is charged in different ways. Well, if the load can be reduced by modern research. Be a pioneer when it comes to preparing the way into everyday life for innovative products!